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HAHA I saw something like this in a couple of my friends' journals and I thought I'd make myself one too since I was jealous want to get to know my friends more. I don't friend lock my fics anymore because I think it's pointless. People would add if they really want to be friends. So, please feel free to introduce yourselves while I do just the same. xD

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min shocked


[] You can’t Tie my shoes.
[x] You like a guy/girl for no reason.
[] You sniff everything
[] You’ve pissed off a Bee
[] You’ve had an ‘accident’
[x] You’ve bitten someone
[x] You didn’t know Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Alphabet had the same tune
[] You’ve gotten Lemon Juice in my eyes, with your Lemon
[] You’ve failed a test or quiz

Why I’m Cool:

[] You say Rawr. Frequently.
[x] You own aviators
[] You like to Party
[x] You wear in style clothes
[] You take an activity out of school. [ex.soccer]
[x] You’ve been in a Boat
[x] You Smile. ALOT.
[x] You have stuck my tongue out at someone
[x] You’ve Stuck Gum to the bottom of a desk or table.
[] You can ski or Snowboard

Your Favourite Colours:
1. Sapphire Blue
2. Black
3. Purple


Nickname: Aila
Best Friend: NO ONE LOLJK
Worst Enemy: ...
Shoe Size: 9
Height: 5'5"-5'6"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Relationship Status: FOREVER ALONE
Zodiac sign: Libra
Chinese zodiac: Sheep
Favourite Celebrity: Super Junior
Favourite Singer: Super Junior
Favourite Band: Super Junior
Favourite Group: Super Junior

Finish these with the FIRST thing that comes to your mind.

The Cow said Moo and: where is Mary and her lambs?
It’s Raining: I hate it.
Let’s talk about: Hyukjae pole-dancing
Larry “Woof” , Julie “Rawr” and Bob: Ong
Where are you: Seoul SRSLY
The Colour of your Bedroom Walls: WHite
Like Your Hair: It depends.
Did You Ever Like the Song “Low”: Yes.
You Paint Your Nails This Colour: old rose, peach, red, french tips, black, etc.
Your Ringtone: Phone's on silent.
Favourite Drink: Tequila
Favourite Flower: Santan HAHA
Do You Like Snoopy: No
Virgin: Mentally or Physically...?
Can You Do a Cartwheel: No
Ever thought of Killing Someone: No

You Have :

[x] A Computer
[x] A Laptop
[x] A Camera
[x] A Cell Phone
[x] An iPod/mp3 player
[x] Your Own Bedroom
[] Your Own Bathroom
[x] More than 2 Siblings
[] Lots of Homework
[x] An Article of Clothing from Abercrombie
[] A Boyfriend/ Girlfriend
[] An Instrument
[x] Biological Parents
[?] A Life
[] A Car
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Title: Jealousy Isn't A Crime
Pairing: KyuMin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, fluff
Warning/s: yaoi, language, Kyuhyun's personality here is OOC
Verse: expanded
Type/Status: One-Shot; Complete, 2,475W
Summary: Sungmin thinks that jealousy is petty. Then again, he is quite a petty person as it is.
A/N1: Sequel to Originality but it can be read as a standalone.
A/N2: Requested by Bella gaembell(Sorry it took so long. I got busy. T^T)

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